Katrien standing in the grass, against a wall with broken window of an old industrial building.

Dissonant #22 – Radio Vacarme

Tracklist for Dissonant #22 (06/03/2024).
Dissonant goes live every first wednesday of the month at 8PM CET via Radio Vacarme.

Ka Baird – Gate IX
(Bearings: Soundtracks for the Bardos, RVNG Intl. 2024)

Rosa Anschütz – A Place Somewhere We Found The Riptide
(Interior, Klangbad 2024)

Lazzaro – Evening, Lantern
(The Inner Land is Wide and Free, Bonambi 2022)

Tara Jane O’Neil – Ode To A Passing
(Peregrine, Quarterstick Records 2000)

Jules Reidy / Morten Joh – Endless ≠ Limitless
(Tape Shadow, Futura Resistenza 2022)

Marta Forsberg – Part 1: Echo
(Sjunger För Varandra, Warm Winters Ltd. 2024)

Marina Rosenfeld – New York / It’s All About…
(P.A. / Hard Love, Room40 2013)

Roody – Ki?
(Not on Label 2023)

Penelope Trappes – Weft
(For Palestine, Paralaxe Editions 2023)

Maya Shenfeld – Sedek
(Under the Sun, Thrill Jockey Records 2024)

Marta Carin – III
(Dome Stories, Simple Music Experience 2023)

Emna Mâaref – All Starts From Zero-Distance
(SARAB | سراب IN SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINE, radio.syg.ma 2023)

Maral – hope’s return
(Not on Label 2024)

DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess – You Don´t Have To Be Weird To Be Weird
(A Different Fridge For Cheese, play loud! productions 2024)

Hjirok – Maly Men
(HJirok – Altin Village & Mine 2024)

Holly Herndon – Chorus
(Chorus, RVNG Intl. 2014)

Anii – Just Breathe
(Fabric Selects III, Fabric Originals 2023)

Logic1000 – Promises (feat. Rochelle Jordan)
(Mother, Therapy/Because Music 2024)

Nimmo feat. St. Panther – When I’m With You
(Not on Label 2023)

Cormac – Leather ‘N Lasers
(Polari Records 2023)

Xols – That Time of the night
(No Tears In The Backroom VA.VOL 2, Polari Records 2024)

CYRK – Nuit Blanche & Lunettes Noires
(Hot Stuff, Polari Records 2024)

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy (12” version)
(Forbidden Fruit 1984)

BLEID – Rubber Band Land Calling
(Aerosol, eterna 2024)

SUCHI – Ghungroo
(Ghungroo EP, !K7 Records 2024)

Karlita x Gipsyan – Primitive
(Omakase Colors, Vol. 2, Omakase 2024)

Carré – Soft Fascination
(Soft Fascination EP, Fast At Work 2024)

Katrien Schuermans inside the booth of Radio Vacarme

Dissonant #16 on Radio Vacarme

Tracklist for Dissonant #16 (12/06/2023).
Dissonant goes live every first wednesday of the month at 8PM CET via Radio Vacarme.

Léa Boudreau – Dementia
Limaçon (Empreintes Digitales, 2023)

Zoë Mc Pherson – Unidentified Objects (Jessica Ekomane Remix)
Pitch Blender Remixes (SFX, 2023)

Odalie – We Are Nature feat. Black Lilys
Puissante Vulnérabilité (Mesh, 2023)

Martha Skye Murphy – Dogs
Dogs (AD93, 2023)

Sarah Pagé – Banya
Voda (Backward Music, 2023)

Laura Agnusdei – Maciste, Wet Nights
Goro (Maple Death Records, 2023)

Azu Tiwaline – Night in Palmtree
Fifth Dream (I.O.T., 2023)

Emika Elena – Stella
Women Everyday Vol. I (Melifera Records, 2023)

Myako – Les Filles de Jah
Worst Summer Hits (Worst Records, 2020)

Talik – Wood & Water
Wood & Water (Control Freak Recordings, 2023)

Sister Zo – The Devil
Arcana (All Centre, 2023)

Carré – Tilted
Tilted (SPE:C, 2023)

Off the Meds – Wena (Ciel Remix)
Ecstatic Editions Vol. 1 (Ecstatic Editions, 2023)

Anna Kost – Let Me Be
Let Me Be (Hotflush Recordings, 2022)

Jessy Lanza – Midnight Ontario [Dub]
Midnight Ontario (Hyperdub, 2023)

Mash – Lurid Chains
Place: Tunisia (Air Texture, 2023)

El Kontessa – Mesh Marshmellow مش مارشملو
Nos Habet Caramel (Bilna’es, 2023)

Gavilan Rayna Russom – Meditating on the Present
People of Eternity: BDS Mixtape vol. 1 (Amplify Palestine BDS Mixtape, 2023)

Nadia Struiwigh – Lovesong
yet (Tresor Records, 2023)

Super Drama & Milk Shandy – Unstoppable
Family Drama 3 (Family Drama, 2023)

Shanti Celeste – Fluffy
Fluffy (Fabric Records, 2023)

C Powers – Teargas Neighborhood
Teargas Neighborhood (Island F, 2023)

Shoko Igarashi – Fake Jazz
Project Tenori (Faneca Music, 2023)

RRUCCULLA – Zeru Freq.
Zeru Freq. (Lapsus Records, 2023)

Courtesy – You’re Not Alone [feat. Erika de Casier]
fra eufori (Kulør, 2023)

Infinity Division – Dreams That I Can’t Quite Remember
Dreams That I Can’t Quite Remember (Boudica, 2023)

Liliane Chlela – Rave Melancho
Rave Melancho (Not on label, 2023)