Katarina Gryvul

Katrien staring out a window, city view

Dissonant #19 – Radio Vacarme

Tracklist for Dissonant #19 (06/12/2023).
Dissonant goes live every first wednesday of the month at 8PM CET via Radio Vacarme.

Bell Curve – Type (Meltdown) (feat. Chiara Noriko)
Deep End (Doom of Doom, 2023)

Azu Tiwaline – Long Hypnosis
Fifth Dream (I.O.T. Records, 2023)

Johanna Knutsson – Fold 4
Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg – Exquisite Corpse (UFO Station Recordings, 2023)

latesleeper – MWM
Various Artists – Together with Ukraine (Together with Ukraine, 2022)

Immediate Proximity – The Apocalyptic Techno Cult
2334 (Radio Matrix, 2020)

Roza Terenzi feat. Noff – Total Recall
Roza Terenzi & Furious Frank LP (Paper Cuts, 2023)

God69 – XHALA
Various Artists – Herrensauna, Vol. 2 (Herrensauna, 2022)

Nadia Struiwigh – 02nd
Birds Of Paradise (Dekmantel, 2023)

Mika Oki – Stuck In It
Various Artists – Maloca, Vol. 2 (Maloca, 2023)

DJ Haram – Handplay
Handplay EP (Hyperdub, 2023)

Owelle – 7,5°C
It’s Okay (Dee Dee’s Picks, 2023)

Bored Lord – Silver Apple
Various Artists – For Palestine (Paralexe Editions, 2023)

Nite Fleit – Little Robot
Did I Stutter (Atomic Alert, 2023)

Céline Gillain – At All Costs
Various Artists – Justice Pour Sourour Benefit Compilation 001 (Le Pacifique Records, 2023)

Elsa – Left My Feelings
Various Artists – INTL.PDCOMP002 (Pressure Dome, 2023)

Yazzus – Are U My God
Various Artists – AE-MJ-001.2 COMP.VOL 2 (Amniote Editions X Mala Junta, 2023)

Emsho – Down Time
Various Artists – Intended Consequence (Apranik Records, 2023)

Amina Hocine – Memory foam
Jordprov (Thanatosis Produktion, 2023)

Kee Avil – I Too, Bury (Claire Rousay Remix)
Crease Remixed (Constellation, 2023)

Annie Aries – Abyss
It’s Not Quiet In The Void (Everest Records, 2024)

Katarina Gryvul – Zemlya
Various Artists – Ukrainian Field Notes (система | system, 2023)

Adela Mede – What The Heart Sees Not
Ne L​é​pj a Vir​á​gra (Warm Winters Ltd & mappa, 2023)

Teresa Winter – Child Of Nature
Proserpine (Night School, 2023)

Natural Wonder Beauty Concept – Sword
Natural Wonder Beauty Concept (Mexican Summer, 2023)

Musique Infinie – Broken Mind Circuit
I (-OUS, 2024)

Concrete city center. Showing to buildings and a horse.

Dissonant #2 on Radio Vacarme

Tracklist for Dissonant #2 (02/03/2022).
Dissonant will be broadcasted every first wednesday of the month at 8PM CET via Radio Vacarme.
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Pansy – River
Response For The Ego (not on label, 2022)

FRKTL – Where All Levels Cross
Nisf Madeena (Ma3azef, 2020)

Ciarra Black – Give Up The Ghost
Never A Land Without People Vol. II (not on label, 2020)

Jerome – Humans – Sta Oneira 
LP2 (Maple Death Records, 2022)

Sonja Tofik – Sky Trumpets
Anomi (Moloton, 2021)

Joy Guidry – Face to Face
Radical Acceptance (Whited Sepulchre Records, 2022)

So Sner – Animals Will Help
Reime (TAL, 2022)

Xosar – Transmogrification
The Possessor Possesses Nothing (Bedouin Records, 2019)

Joyul – Mirror Ash 
Earwitness (Physic Liberation, 2022)

Electric Indigo – TR_Kite
Get This: 32 Tracks For Free – A Tribute to Peter Rehberg ($ pwgen 20, 2022)

Jessika Khazrik – نﻮﻜﻟا اﺬﻫ
It’s Not Complicated (Ma3azef, 2021)

Zoë Mc Pherson – I Expect Nothing (Straight)
Abyss Elixir (Pendulum Recordings, 2022)

Katarina Gruyvul – Vidsutni
Tysha (Standard Deviation, 2022)

Olivia Block – En Echelon
Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea (Room40, 2021)

Populous – Meditazione urbana
Stasi (La Tempesta Dischi, 2021)

Salamanda – Overdose
Overdose (Human Pitch, 2022)

Jana Rush – Drivin’ Me Insane feat. Nancy Fortune
Painful Enlightenment (Planet Mu, 2021)

Ireen Amnes – Life Will Tear You Apart
In The Land of Silence (Sonic Groove Experiments, 2020)

Courtesy – Night Journeys II 
Night Journeys (Kulør, 2022)

Venus Ex Machina – Mysterium
Lux (AD93, 2021)

Matador – Schreiender Tag (c00lm8 Remix)
M_Sessions Remixed (Monika Werkstatt, 2022)

Lara Sarkissian – In The Form of a Sphinx 
Tresor 30 (Tresor, 2021)

Polygonia – Drifting Clouds
Paradisia Vol. ♾ (Gang of Ducks, 2021)

Azu Tiwaline – Nissa
Molten Mirrors – A Decade of Livity Sound (Livity Sound, 2021)

Shelley Parker – Red Cotton
Red Cotton EP (Hessle Audio, 2018)