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Dissonant favourites for february 2022

Jerome: LP2 (Maple Death Records)

London via Gothenburg via Greece duo formed by Annalisa Iembo and Stella Mathioudakis deliver a dense, brooding dark new album. ‘LP2’ is dystopian electronics, frolicking on industrial and techno. Haunting, seducing, unsettling and yet, pop-prone.

Joy Guidry: Radical Acceptance (Whited Sepulchre Records)

Ambient and free jazz. Two genres that you rarely see going to the prom together, but flourish in beauty on ‘Radical Acceptance’. This album exudes sheer strength and fragility.

Katarina Gryvul – Tysha (Standard Deviation)

Somewhere between deconstructed club music and musical we find the classically trained Katarina Gryvul. During the pandemic, she experienced the world as an artificial reality. It influenced her otherwise more analog driven sound. The result, an imminently disturbing and  enchanting sound palette that soaks in a human-driven artificiality.

Pansy: Response For The Ego (not on label)

Haunting, mysterious and shrouded in poetic greyness. A voice hidden underneath drone structures and various synth sounds. An album strangely enchanting.

Theoreme: Les Artisans (Maple Death Records)

Lyon-based Theoreme finds solace in hypnotic bass heavy mantras interspersed with influences from industrial, Proto-techno and no wave. ‘Les Artisans’ is a contrarian album of songs brimming with unruly rhythms and melodies, where her voice is key.

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